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T-Motor MT3515 KV650

Артикул: 4035
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Двигатель бесколлекторный T-Motor MT3515 KV650

Tiger Motors - признаный лидер в производстве моторов для мультикоптеров


Производитель: T-Motor
Пропеллер: 14" , 22"
Максимальная тяга: 3.1 кг
KV: 650
Пиковая мощность: 650 Вт
Рекомендованная батарея: 3-6S
Диаметр статора: 35 мм
Длина статора: 15 мм
Диаметр вала: 5 мм
Ток холостого хода: 1.2 А
Пиковый ток: 35 А
Диаметр мотора: 42.5 мм
Длина мотора: 38 мм
Сопротивление: 49 мОм
Вес: 188 г
  • 08.11.2017 22:30
    Having used the NAZA before, I am getting more and more impressed by the APM 2.6 module with its external GPS and Compass. I set it up ran through the calibration and got 12% external magnetic field influence which is exceptionally low and shows the benefit of the external compass. Flights are get straight out of the box, although it does take a little while to setup all the factors, well about 30-mins now I know how to do it all! I highly recommend buying this setup, but then not many people need that advise as it's permanently out of stock, can't get enough of them clearly. Very good delivery speed too.
  • 08.11.2017 22:29
    Considering this is a lowley 8bit few MHz processor in a world of 64bit multi GHz it does exceptionally well. If you look at the feature set it is about as packed as anything you could want. Super simple to setup with a first time wizard and I didn't have to play with the PID settings, the defaults work great. If you need a flight controller for you aircraft and want something more than just a gyro stabilizer, full auto flight, mission waypoints, easy to use simple modes and more, then this is a great controller to have. Service at UT is great as well, I had an issue with my order and they were great at sorting it with no fuss.
  • 03.11.2017 22:52
    Excellent service
  • 03.11.2017 22:52
    Thank you for an excellent product
  • 02.11.2017 18:39
    Отличные моторы и шикарная поддержка со стороны магазина. Спасибо большое.
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