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T-Motor Air Gear 350 +ESC (комплект)

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Комплект из четырёх моторов T-Motor AIR2213 KV920, двух пар самозатягивающихся пропеллеров T-Motor 9545 и четырёх регуляторов ESC T-Motor Air 20A

Tiger Motors - признаный лидер в производстве моторов для мультикоптеров


В комплекте:

  • мотор T-Motor 2213 KV920 - 4 шт
  • пропеллер пластиковый T-Motor 9.5x4.5 - 2 пары
  • ESC регулятор T-Motor Air 20A 600Гц - 4 шт



Пиковая мощность: 230 Вт
Рекомендованная батарея: 3-4S
Длина: 9,5"
Шаг: 4.5"
KV: 920
Диаметр статора: 13 мм
Длина статора: 13 мм
Диаметр вала: 4 мм
Ток холостого хода: 0.5 А
Пиковый ток: 18 А
Диаметр мотора: 27.5 мм
Длина мотора: 30 мм
Сопротивление: 132 мОм
  • 09.11.2017 19:54
    Very nice kits, Esc respond very well and motors with propellers have good power, frame 400 with cc3d (750gr)
  • 07.11.2017 19:18
    With the T-motors running 9545 props power consumption is down two amps in a hover with my s550pro hexacopter. Didn't use the esc that came in the package on this hexacopter, however I see other people using them on builds without problems.
  • 07.11.2017 19:18
    Nice Set, very well designed and well packed, the motors are top notch quality machined and also the magnets do make a nice impression. Esc's are very light weight small they do not have BEC tho (would have been smart to have at least 1 esc with bec or have a separate bec device included . Props are also very well made and i like the fact that they can be balanced. Some spare parts are included but sadly no mounting accessory at all , no screws no brackets at all. All in all , a very nice set even if it could have been made perfect by adding some screws and at least a BEC device, so only 4 stars for a product who could easy have been a 5+stars. Set is suited for a light quadcopter which should not be heavier than 1.5Kg Sadly i can't make a proper video review cause the nice box was badly damaged doe to some rough shipping and/or some weak packing. Still looking forward to test the set soon...
  • 06.11.2017 18:51
    "Compré estos motores por recomendación de un amigo.
    Impresionantes, no dan absolutamente nada de vibraciones, montados en un F450 con APM 2.6, telemetría y GPS, con una bateria Zippy compact 3S 5000 mAh, me ha dado una duración de vuelo (no estacionario) de 22 minutos (1183 gramos en orden de despegue). Hélices balanceadas, facilidad de montaje, y temperatura al aterrizar totalmente fríos. Estoy pensando en adquirir otros dos para montar un hexacoptero...
  • 02.11.2017 20:50
    I spooled up the motors and ran some tests grounded with prop and tested all ESCs and was amazed by the response and smoothness (excellent balance and vibration control) all throughout the stick inputs. Props are well designed and seems to be well balanced. When you take out the prop nut (self tightening), you can balance the props and you do not need special adapters like the DJI self tightening props require. I would highly recommend getting some spare props. Have attached a motor spool-up video. Best price after here shopping after shopping for the longest time for a set of these. Banggood delivers again.
  • 29.10.2017 13:03
    Установил на 450 квадр с назой.Понравилась очень тихая работа моторов вместе с винтами.Квадр весит под 1500 гр. эти моторы справляются.
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