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ESC регулятор мотора T-Motor 18A

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ESC регулятор мотора T-Motor 18A

Tiger Motors - признаный лидер в производстве моторов для мультикоптеров

Производитель: T-Motor
Рекомендованная батарея: 2-4S
Шина: PWM
Частота: 400 гц
Длина: 45 мм
Ширина: 24 мм
Высота: 11 мм
Ток: 18 А
Вес: 19 г
  • 06.11.2017 18:41
    I have the same speed controll in my RC18T and it's being used with a Castle motor. I figured it seems to work well I should buy the combo and put it into my son's mini recon. I will save you the headaches now.... DO NOT BUY THIS EXPECTING TO USE NiMH batteries. You can get it to work after calibrating numerous times and messing around with the end points. However in the end you will still only have mediocre performance at best and then you will probably consider putting your brushed system back in. I have experienced the same thing with both of our trucks now and with this combo I even thought it was defective it was so slow on NIMH. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND USE LiPO WITH THIS COMBO or ESC. Once setup for lIpo it is a night and day difference. The esc is smooth and the power is plentiful for an 18th scale. (prefer it over my mamba 25 esc))
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